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lets start with the 1st unicorn startup of America

the name of this startup is color don’t try to judge this startup by its name this startup is not about painting or arts its about healthcare system.

when I checked about this startup in detail I found there business model is totally different. they provide Genetics testing kit and based on your package they will do analysis on different genes which are associated with common hereditary like cancer, heart disease after Covid they also started providing covid testing kit and don’t worry you don’t have to go at there place to get the kit, it will delivered to your home.

there approach to target client is totally different instead of targeting individuals they will partner with big firms to get all there employees to do testing, apart from this they will also target k12 schools and university so that student can do this testing.

there plan is simple target on places where organization make it mandatory to do checkups instead of targeting individual.

but by selling testing kits wont make it a billion dollar startup it also provide you software where you can track you health records.

this startup was founded in 2013 and by 2021 its valuation was more than 5 billion dollar

The second unicorn startup of united states is StarBurst.

if you think these startup will deals with the rocket science technology which is going to compete with the spacex than I think you are on the right track and you will be next elon but this startup is not doing all this stuff instead of this it works with the data and provide the analytics

they deal with Trino, a open source software for analytics. if you dont know about this software than you are form other planet you can mention the name of your planet in comment box and if you belongs to data analytics background you can call this trino as presto SQL which was used to maintain data and do analytics for all this organization, now you can understand the scope of this this open source software. basically this starburst will help to integrate your organization with this analytics software now they are also supporting cloud to analytics work

This startup will provide you two starburst galaxy where they can kickstart your data lake analytics strategy in less than 5 minutes and other solution they are providing is starburst enterprise where they will give the decision based on running analytics query.

don’t worry this startup software are not for individual so you search for this organization instead you can click on red subscribe button and get more information about unicorn startup.

this startup was founded in 2017 and by 2022 its valuation is more than 3.5 billion dollar never underestimate the power of open source software it can bring billion of dollars.

the third unicorn startup of America is Aeva

in terms of product I love this startup it works on LiDar technology I know you guys are not genius I will explain you what this startup is doing and what are its product but before moving forward you can share this video which will keep up motivated so that we can come up with more such content.

A typical lidar sensor emits pulsed light waves into the surrounding environment. These pulses bounce off surrounding objects and return to the sensor. The sensor uses the time it took for each pulse to return to the sensor to calculate the distance it traveled. Repeating this process millions of times per second creates a precise, real-time 3D map of the environment. This 3D map is used by autonomous cars for navigation.

these startup has two product aeries 1 and aeries 2 which are both build on 4D LiDar technology

and if I talk about its aeries 2 than you will amazed to know that this whole technology is just fitted with camera level resolution so in future i you will buy a car definitely you will see this technology in your car.

now if you are thinking about the car stop doing that because the next unicorn startup of united states will be waiting for you focus on that first than you can check for your tesla.

so the fourth unicorn startup of America is Salesloft

it is a Platform which offers sales prospecting and engagement tool. The platform helps businesses find customers and close deals. It connects with web based CRM systems and mines out important companies and people by mining public information about them to build targeted lists of prospects. It also helps companies communicate with prospects to set up product demos and pitches to automate prospect follow ups and provides insights at every stage of the sales process. Its major clients are Alteryx, DELL, Facebook, Horizon, and Mule Soft.

this is startup which you need if you dealing alone in your business it will provide you all the tool to manage your client.

it was founded in the year 2011 and within 10 years the valuation of this startup has reached more than 2 billion dollar.

the fifth unicorn startup in the united sates is Lacework

they deal with the security of our work, if you are a working on next revolutionary first important thing which you must keep in your mind is about security, and if we talk about next generation technology than you can find that every thing is depended on cloud even your personal secret are not on your devices it was on cloud, just think of situation if the security of this is sacrificed than definitely your secrets will be blown up and you be in a problem.

this you doing on individual level just imagine security for the enterprise how important it would be ?

so this startup provides cloud security From small businesses to large enterprises, there solutions empower teams to build more securely and unlock business outcomes through faster innovation

they provide you security on multicloud, container and it will also find and fix configuration in infrastructure as code IaC

they also provides services which can be easily integrated with your existing tools and workflows

It automatically creates a deep temporal baseline of cloud operations to detect and investigate breaches, cyberattacks, and insider threats. It also eliminates the need for any rule, policies, or log analysis and uses insider tracking technology to expose the true user intention behind every command. The features of the product include breach detection, insider threat management, incident investigations, and DevSecOps. The clients of the company include GRAIL, Brightcove, AdRoll, VMware.

this startup was started in 2015 and the valuation of this startup is more than 8 billion dollar.

the sixth unicorn startup of america is cockroach labs

I think you have missed out the name let me try it again cockroach labs, but before i talk about this startup you can comment down what do you think these type of company will do

Cockroach labs has its own open — source Cockroach DB and that database is comparable to Google’s spanner which is a successor to BigTable focusing on scale-out, replication and transactional processing. It is designed to store copies of data in multiple locations in order to deliver data faster, and making cockroach db a fault-tolerant at the data center level. The company says it is bringing sharding, relational store and the database is implemented in Go language. The entire team at Cockroach Labs is from google and MS and the product is now in the alpha stage.

the cockroach database will provide solution for different industry

so next time if you are dominating any insects with your power than you should understand that its name might come with a surprise as a billion dollar startup. this startup was started in 2015 and the valuation of this is more than 5 billion dollar.

the next and the last unicorn startup of united states in this video is enfusion

this is a Trade management & risk assessment solutions for capital markets. It features SaaS-based tools for executing trades, portfolio management, order management, accounting & legal compliance, risk assessment, reconciliation of accounts, and monitoring portfolio accounts. Also, provides assistance in back-office solutions of family offices, funds, asset managers.

this was started in 1997 so it come with a good experience.

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