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In this Article we will let you know what are the thing you must include in resume so there are less chances of your resume getting rejected.

I know you guys have seen lots of article by some of the great analyst people who have done jobs in fortune 500 but if still you are still reading this article means you resume get rejected in initial stages of screening.

if you want to watch video you can checkout the below

before moving directly to build resume first lets understand the process of any organization for hiring any individual.

a job opportunity will come in any organization when there is requirement for expanding the business unit or there is need for replacement. so the team will decide the budget and technical skills they will forward all this to a resource management team, now its there work to search for right candidate who can be in a budget and have the required technical skills

Now for resource management team its there work to search for the right candidate but they usually keep budget and skills in mind they want it to be done usually with less budget so they can show there performance in there appraisal cycle. so lets understand what are the options available for them.

They generally give the priority order for each job requirement and based on that they start searching for the right candidate.

So Infront of them there is big sea of candidate and its there work to filter out people from this sea

but before filtering them they need to showcase the job opportunity to lots of people what are the options for them to this

  1. they will post this job opportunity internally so if someone is looking for change internally in organization they will be on priority and they also provided with the option to refer someone if that person got selected by his referral he will get some perks and there perks generally goes to 50K and more also
  2. the next option to hire someone is by posting job opportunity in the career page of that organization so that it will be visible to lots of people and if its a big organization job portals like naukri and linkedin usually scrap the details of this job listing and post it own there portal. if its a small organization than they have to post in these job portals.
  3. the another way they have to ask third party organization to find a perfect candidate for they and they will pay usually this third party organization creates a database of people with skills based on profiles people posted on linked in and job portals and they provide they act as mediator between organization and candidate.

now this is the process for just posting any job opportunity it will consume time as well as money what was your work you just have to click apply on it and that done from your side just think the effort your are doing and they efforts they are making its not getting matched.

at least you have make efforts to modify your resume if you have good connection you can take help from them but now the point is if you are not good in both what to do how to approach.

lets first understand about the resume

so lets see the formats for these resumes can you guess the name of each format if you can do it I think you have skip this video and just click to the start applying, but if you dont know lets discuss about each of the format.

this one is Reverse Chronological Resume

which format uses education and achievement on the top and your job description should come next in job description you have to start your job details with latest job first and than you have to add the past jobs. these is the format you can use if you want me to discuss more in this comment down with reverse chronological we will add a detail article about it.

the next is Functional Resume

this was the format which uses profile and summary and job description should be same reverse chronological resume

these format is called hybrid resume

where you can create a two section on your resume with skills and summary of your profile one side and others things on different section.

Now you will get a question which is the best for you if you have just started your journey I would suggest you go with the first one and if you are experienced than you can start with hybrid resume.

now lets focus more on its content part

you must include 7 section in your resume which contains

  • Header
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Certifications

your header should look like this your name should be little big and it must include your job title or the profile you are interested in after that its upto you to add your contact details which include your contact number with proper country code your official email address which should not be fancy and includes sequence numbers it should be short and must strict to your first name and last name after that you can add your portfolio link which can be linkedin profile or github if you are data scientist it can be your kaggle link if you are adding pdf remeber to add link which on hovering can redirect to link because no one will copy paste your profile link

now you can jump to the summary section

It is the short description that summarizes your whole resume and at this point recruiters and hiring, managers get the idea of whether to proceed further or to reject the candidate. You have to summarize your years of experience, skills, and education in an easy-to-read format. This part shouldn’t exceed 4–5 lines. Firstly, tell about the years of experience you have and what was your role in previous companies, secondly, mention your primary technical skills, and lastly, you can tell about your important certifications relevant for role. The format may vary. try to change these summary based on the role you are applying for dont stick to just a single summary try to optimize it with keywords essential for the role you are applying for

now the next section is about the work experience

read both the section now as recruiter to whom you will give the preference first. I dont know about your preference order but as hiring manager we will give preference to the first one he has clearly mention about the number and keep in mind whatever the work you are doing if number doesn't exist than it will be less effective in work experience numbers matters and try to keep point exact with relevant number no-one will ask for exact but an overview should be there.

and if you are fresher try to add projects which are relevant to the job role and you also have to figure the working efficiency of your project which is better if you highlight the achievement of project. and try to add about internship if you have done it this will provide more chances for your resume getting selected.

now coming towards skills don't add randomly divide this section into two parts where one can tell about your technical skills and other can tell about soft skills and based on job role try to change skills put only that skills which are relevant to the job role.

last section is about education and certification if you are experience candidate there is no need to include your basic schooling because no one is interested from where you have done it and by what percentage it better to add only last education which you have done and try to achieve at least one certification based on the role you are applying with reputed website like course era and udemy this will add boost to your resume

for fresher add all schooling details with all certificates and awards its will give boost.

now if you have prepared you resume how to apply for job its better first before blindly applying for any role try to create a excel sheet in which you can divide it into parts 1st one will include company and role next column should include which skills you have added in resume the next section create a contact details of person working in these companies at least 3–4 contact you can try and ask they for rereferral last last section include response time whether you are rejected or accepted mention date when you have applied and mention that date also when company has sent the rejection or acceptance mail this will give you and idea about the usual response time by organization based on role and skills.

atleast do this for 1 month than once you have enough data put your brain artificial intelligence why your resume is not getting selected once you can apply for more than 50 companies you can send this excel to us and we will definitely help you dont worry this is not sponsored article we are here to help you whether its about your project or your job success matter and we can do it for approaching your resume try to build more contact on linked in and try connect with them and ask them for referral without hesitation they will boost your opportunity of success.

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