Google Failed Products | Spent Billions and got nothing

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5 min readJul 17, 2022


We all know google search, maps, chrome, youtube, and android.

but do you know google has a big list of failed products which was so bad that google lost billions and finally it needs to shut it down

so in this video we will discuss about all this failed products by google

the first one is google answers which was developed in 2002 and finally come to an end on 2006, it was first google idea to put a question and answers website like quoara but they could not do it becuase when the website was created there website was full of trolls and spammers and finnaly they have to shut it down.

The second failed product of google is Google Ride Finder

Did you know Google had a ride-hailing service before Uber was even in some ones idea? Ride Finder used the user’s geolocation to find nearby taxis, shuttles, or carpools in 14 US cities. The limited service meant it never really caught on. these application was started by google in 2007 and come to an end by 2009

The next failed product of google is Google Desktop

This was a nifty sidebar program you could install on Linux, macOS, and Windows. It placed a search toolbox on your desktop for scanning through local files, and offered quick access to a clock, weather, news feed, Gmail feed, and photos stored locally on the PC, among other things. Google killed off Desktop as it began to focus more on cloud storage. It was a useful bit of software that naturally became obsolete as desktop OS’ began to offer similar built-in features. this was started in 2004 and comes to end by 2011

the next failed product of google is google video

Google Video was a free platform where users could upload video clips for the whole world to see. The service came up against impossible competition from YouTube. so Google did what Google is wont to do — it bought YouTube. this google video was started in 2005 and comes to and end by 2012

the next failed product of google is Knol

google was to compete with wikipedia when wiki was in its intial days so google has started its own wikipedia which was called as knol, but it became so popular that only spammers was using it and all the fake news was updated so google thought of shutting it down it started in 2008 and comes to end by 2012

the next failed product of google is orkut

we all know about it if we you have started your gmail before 2008 they forced people to join orkut, with this they was to give a direct competition to facebook in social platform but when you have not done your homework right and try to copy they it will be a failed product this was started in 2004 and comes to an end by 2014

the next failed product of google is google play music.

I think you know these product these was installed already in your phone android phones but it was failed so badly that google lost billions in these they tried to promote this by collabrating with many singers but this didnot work and it was started it 2011 and come to end by 2020

the next failed product of google is google cardboard.

if you want to use VR than this product is for you it provides vr experience to masses all you need a smartphone and this product was affordable also but this did not work and finally google has to shut it down by 2021

the next failed product of google was youtube go

YouTube Go was a lighter version of the full YouTube app. It was an alternative for YouTube viewers with lower-end devices and less sophisticated internet connections. Google no longer deems this necessary. It claims to have enhanced its normal mobile YouTube app to work perfectly on less powerful handsets and slower internet connections.this was started in 2016 and comes to end by 2022