Depth-First-Search (DFS)— Competitive Programming with Time and Space Complexity


You’re given a Node class that has a name and an array of optional children nodes. When put together, nodes form an acyclic tree-like structure.

Implement the depthFirstSearch method on the Node class, which takes in an empty array, traverses the tree using the Depth-first Search approach (specifically navigating the tree from left to right), stores all of the nodes’ names in the input array, and returns it.

Sample Input:

Input Graph

Sample Output:

[“A”, “B”, “E”, “F”, “I”, “J”, “C”, “D”, “G”, “K”, “H”]

Node Class:

public class Node
public string name;
public List<Node> children = new List<Node>();
public Node(string name)
{ = name;
public Node AddChild(string name)
Node child = new Node(name);
return this;


private List<string> DepthFirstSearch(Node node, List<string> dfs)
foreach (var child in node.children)
DepthFirstSearch(child, dfs);
return dfs;



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