Artificial Intelligence Contact Lenses

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3 min readJun 27, 2022


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If you think this are the image of leaders with a glass screen than I think you don’t know anything about teleprompter

It is a display device which will display the content of what you want to say on camera without showing audience that a person is reading the script. So this will help the audience and the user to connect as person was saying directly to them without reading.

This technology was used from 1950s and the first computer based teleprompter was used on 1982 and this technology was still in use

But I think this technology will change soon

just think of Artificial intelligence based contact chip lens which can directly be connected with you eyes and you can be able to see the display infront of yourself without any teleprompter and if you think it as imagination than you are less aware about technology

The company called mojo contact lenses which was made a contact lenses which will to deliver a speech but this time without looking into notes and there is no need to remember it all words of your notes will displayed infront of your eyes

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This technology is not just about the reading notes this can do more like

Imagine you’re a musician with your lyrics, or your chords, in front of your eyes. Or you’re an athlete and you have your biometrics and your distance and other information that you need just infront of your eyes

This can be done with smart contact lenses with was created by mojo

But there are some problem with this technology

People will not put a contact lens which contains chip

If chips are there than this devices must be running of battery and keeping a battery to close to our eyes will also create a problem don’t worry it is not Chinese product whose battery will blast

We all know about Google glasses which was a failed technology the objective of Google glasses was also same but for that we need to wear glasses

If some modifications can be done like a night vision mode will be there where people can see clearly in night if this can be integrated or for the person who cannot see if this chips can be modified and the image from source can be displayed to lens of eyes of person who cannot see it will help them a lot

But if meta is working of oculus vr headset to create a virtual reality than atleast this technology will make your life better in real world and it will help to improve if little modifications still time this there to such things to became a part of life

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